Console UI

The internal management Console UI

The built-in Console UI with help you manage your templates and check out the rendered files.

It is super helpful for every environment.

However, it is recommended to use the Console UI internally. Requiring users to connect to the internal VPN is a good choice.

Don't expose DocKing to the outside world.

Enable Console

From .env, set this env to true:


Additionally, you might want to set a password:


The Path

  • Path: /console

    • On local: http://localhost:8000/console

The Looks

The Basic Authentication

From Environment Variables, you can set the DOCKING_CONSOLE_PASSWORD - a fixed password in order to login into the Console UI.

It is recommended to set it in staging or production.

A login page will be shown on the first access.

The Features

  • CRUD Document Templates

    • With preview HTML

      • Good to preview dynamic variables rendering

      • Bad for styling preview

    • With preview PDF (browser printing preview or render a REAL PDF mode)

  • Listing all rendered files

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