Gotenberg's Metadata

Metadata of Gotenberg

  "driver": "gotenberg",
  "engine": "chromium|libreoffice",

Learn more about the options var above. These properties can be undefined (will use the default setting of Gotenberg)

paper-width            float   Paper width, in inches (default 8.5)
paper-height           float   Paper height, in inches (default 11)
margin-top             float   Top margin, in inches (default 0.39)
margin-bottom          float   Bottom margin, in inches (default 0.39)
margin-left            float   Left margin, in inches (default 0.39)
margin-right           float   Right margin, in inches (default 0.39)
prefer-css-page-size   bool    Define whether to prefer page size as defined by CSS (default false)
print-background       bool    Print the background graphics (default false)
omit-background        bool    Hide the default white background and allow generating PDFs with transparency (default false)
landscape              bool    Set the paper orientation to landscape (default false)
scale                  float   The scale of the page rendering (default 1.0)
native-page-ranges     string  Page ranges to print, e.g., '1-5, 8, 11-13' - empty means all pages

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