Document Template

Learn more how DocKing deals with templates

You can manage all of your Document Templates on DocKing, including:

  • Normal CRUD

  • Preview HTML

  • Preview PDF

    • Browser mode

    • Render PDF mode

Console URL


Preview Information

Preview HTML/PDF on the editing page requires:

  • Default variables (if you are using the dynamic template rendering)


Each template can have its own metadata. Metadata contains some information like:

  • Orientation

  • Page Type (A4, A3,...)

  • Margin

  • Default PDF Driver

To learn more about each PDF engine metadata, check out the child pages.

Metadata Overwrite on Render

From the Template, you can define the "basic" metadata.

While rendering a PDF, you can specify the custom metadata, which can overwrite the default metadata from the template.

In code-wise, it is simple like this:


To learn more about this, check the Endpoints page.

Driver's metadata

From the render endpoints, you can add the driver property to the metadata, to specify if the request needs to use the given driver (gotenberg or wkhtmltopdf)

This brings the flexibility of DocKing to a whole new level.

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