Maintain IDs/Keys from Services

You would definitely come up with this question: "How am I going to store the template ID from other services?".

Well, it is simple, I will give you some options.

There are 2 identifiers that you can use:

  • uuid

  • key (unique key)

Hardcoded ID/Key

Yes, simple & straightforward. You can go to the Console UI and create a template for your service.

Then get the ID and put it as a constant in your code.

The one drawback is that you have to change the ID if you create another template or create more constants. I know some systems, maintainers/DevOps won't let you deploy multiple times a day.

This method works great for those applications that follow the Trunk-based development (CI/CD best practice, multiple deployments every day).

ENV Configuration

Yes, you can create a new ENV variable and put it there. It is not so different from the above way, but at least, you can change the .env file then gratefully restart the server.

It also has the same drawback as the Hardcoded ID/Key, if you're going to introduce a new template.

Dynamic Configuration

I think these days, most of the applications do have the dynamic configuration, where you store the configurations in the database, and you have your own Dashboard/Console to create/update/delete that configuration.

getDynamicConfig('templates.contract_template_id'); // will return the value from DB

New table

Same as above way, but putting the template IDs in a dedicated table eg templates.

The table's structure is just simply like this:

  • id (generated id)

  • external_template_id (template's ID from DocKing)

  • name

  • created_at

And that's all.

Feel free to share with others for another cool way of yours 😉

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